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Welcome on our building and renovation blog.

Welcome on our building and renovation blog.

Published on - September 13, 2019

Expert tips for those who are planning constructions or renovations, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and designers.

The blog with expert renovation and construction advice created for all of those who are planning to renovate or remodel their apartment, house and premises.

You will get to know what should be put into the preparation of renovating your real estate. You will learn approximate costs of the labour and building materials so that you can properly estimate the resources needed to renovate the kitchen, bathroom or attic.

If You like to execute small home repairs or renovation works independently, you can count on our full support. Certainly, you will find something for yourself. Excellent advice on the best ways on how to carry out construction works will save your time and guarantee a perfect outcome.

If you design interiors, you'll find plenty of useful information. Knowing about the ways of house renovating, approximate costs and the latest trends among materials will allow you to offer the best solutions for Your customers.

FIX LTD – we are a team of home renovation experts

We are a professional renovation company from Glasgow.  Basing on our long-term experience, we want to share our knowledge and experience. We specialize in services such as; full house renovations and remodelling’s, kitchen installations, bathroom installations, plumbing services, electrical services, basement conversions, gas services, roofing services, tiling services and damp proofing’s.

For more information, see the service tabs. Our specialists are available to you during business days from 9 am to 5 pm.

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