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Painting and decorating

Every type of painting, quickly and accurately

We are a building company that provides professional exterior and interior painting, as well as decorating services.

As a construction company, we have 13 years of required experience in painting both; commercial and private homes. Painting is the easiest way to renew and refresh a flat or home. If you are thinking about selling a home, painting the house is a quick and inexpensive way to increase its value. We can ensure the high quality of each of our projects. It is extremely important to properly choose the types of paint and its colour, for it to match the interior design and character of the room so that the result meets your expectations.

We are painting and decorating professionals.

If you are looking for a company that will paint your dream home from the outside, its interior, as well as its wooden elements such as doors, windows or skirtings, we can do it for you. We will help in choosing the best solutions. We ensure you, that the ending result of our work will be stunning.

What should be done to make the interior painting effect satisfying, with the paint perfectly covering the surface and not falling away?

The basis is to accurately prepare the surface, which is crucial for the final painting effect. It is very important to choose the right tools and paint, their type depends on the structure of the wall. We paint the surfaces with latex or acrylic paint, wooden elements with oil ones. The next stage is to suitably protect the room before painting, which consists of taking out all of the furniture, securing sockets, doors with their frames, windows and floors. To achieve an excellent final painting effect, the walls should be properly prepared before painting. They should be thoroughly cleaned, the surface levelled and primed. We also refresh wooden home furnishings such as doors, door frames, skirtings, by preparing them properly and painting them in the colour of your choice.

Do you want to refresh the look of a building? Painting the facade is a great investment that will last for years.

Depending on the condition of the old facade, we select the scope of necessary work that needs to be performed. The basis is proper cleaning, impregnation and final painting of the facade.
We pay special attention to the quality of our work because the condition and appearance of the entire building will depend on it. To paint the facade, we use special facade paint.

The scope of our painting and decorating jobs:

  • external painting, walls and windows,
  • interior painting,
  • painting and renovation of wood elements such as: doors, windows frames, skirtings
  • wallpapering,
  • gates painting,
  • fencing painting,
  • gutters painting,
  • shops painting,
  • house painting and decorating,
  • renew covings.

We guarantee the highest quality of our work. Do you need painting? Contact us today.