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How to remodel a bathroom on a budget

How to remodel a bathroom on a budget

Published on - December 31, 2020

Many homeowners dream of remodelling their bathroom, and for folks on a tight budget, it can be hard to save up for it. But you don’t have to break the bank to finally renovate. Rather than waiting till you have a sizeable amount saved before searching for bathroom companies near me, you can use the tips in today’s post to start renovating on a budget.

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Repaint the walls in a Bathroom

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in transforming the appearance of a bathroom. Painting the walls is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving a new look, especially if you invest in high-quality paint that lasts longer. Besides, between the tiles and the large fittings like your toilet and shower, you only have a few square meters to repaint. On the other hand, they can also present a challenge as you have to manoeuvre painting around them. We use a smaller roller or brush to get around these areas. 

 Modernize bathroom fixtures

Bathrooms are usually small rooms that require little furnishing, so the tiniest of details can change their looks. While most people require professional bathroom remodelling services for more complicated hardware like cabinets, modernizing other fixtures is quite easy. Look into upgrading petite details like the light fixtures, towel racks, and even mirrors. While some of these items might be more expensive than others to update, finding a replacement for many of them is cheap. Remember that you don’t always have to get these items at the store; you can include DIY pieces for a personal touch.

Recycle large bathroom fittings

Larger bathroom fittings like toilets, tubs, sink faucets can be expensive to purchase. Instead, save some money by going for a cheaper slightly-used option, and reduce your cost further by installing this equipment yourself. As professional bathroom fitters, we offer installation services because such facilities are often heavy and difficult to install because of all the waterline work. While it can be a complex process, it’s not impossible for you to do it on your own with the right instructions.

Refinish instead of replacing

Sometimes replacing your current fittings is unnecessary when refinishing is all you need to update your bathroom’s look. A rundown of the refinishing process includes cleaning the tub, covering the fixtures that don’t need refinishing, and then sanding the entire tub before applying a coat of primer. You’ll get a smoother result if you hire an experienced bath fitting company.

Mind the bathroom flooring

Flooring is crucial in a bathroom because of the exposure to moisture. That can pose a problem for homeowners with wooden floors, but rather than replacing the entire floor, you can apply a layer of protective enamel. Marble floors are beautiful, but they can also be expensive. Tiles are cheaper and have a wide variety of designs that bear a resemblance to more expensive materials. Also, save more money by limiting them to high-impact zones like the floor and around the shower stall, then repaint the exposed wall.
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