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How much does a basement conversion cost?

How much does a basement conversion cost?

Published on - December 2, 2020

A basement is an integral part of a home that can serve us (besides the traditional way) as a usable part of the house. A basement is a place often not appreciated, not looked after, and only used to store unused items such as jars, tires, souvenirs, and other items.

Basements in most of the cases are localised underground, under a building. The biggest quality of such localisation is the cool, relatively stable temperature which makes it perfect for storing edibles (which is the most popular function of this room but more and more of them gain different applications as well). What if we would like to use our basement to create an astonishing recreational place, place of meetings, where we can have fun or perhaps have a home cinema, gym or another living room?

To convert a basement into a living area, we should use a company offering a professional basement conversion. These works are done down in your basement so they won't deorganize your daily life, won't limit your space, and won't make such a mass like other home renovations do.

Basement conversion effect. Bedroom performed by renovation company FIX LTD

What affects the cost of a basement renovation?

While getting ready for a basement conversion, it's not worth starting with masking damaged walls, smudges, or scratches. If we're planning to convert a basement into a living area, we have to take under consideration the fact that it will serve us many years so it should be characterised with an esthetic look and a good overall condition.

Usually, falling out plaster, translucent white paint, or dark spots on the walls point out to damp foundations, therefor, pretty often before the renovation work can start, the cause of damp has to be located, removed, and only then we can start to dry the walls, renovate them and decorate. To remove the humidity from the basement or cellar, we should use a professional company dealing with damp proofing.

damp and mold on the interior walls of property in Glasgow

Our health and the durability of the house depend on the quality and the solidity of the damp proofing works. Let's remember that the damp inside the internal walls can advance up and that the wet foundation of the basement walls can lead to dampness above the ground level. That's dangerous for the entire building. Depending on the scale of a problem, dampness can have a significant factor in the price of the basement conversion.

Isolation and dampness are deciding what you can allow yourself to do while converting your basement into a living area. The price of such conversion also depends on the size of the room, surface, expected renovation standard, location of the rooms, and if the floor in the basement has to be lifted.

Where is damp coming from?

• Defective rainwater drainage e.g. through the blocked pipes. In this situation, the entire guttering system should be checked.
• Damage of the waterproof membrane of a building. This issue applies mostly to an old building.
• Leaky central heating system, water installation, or the sewage system - including a malfunctioning chimney's condensate drainage system.
• A higher level of underground water or its seasonal raising.
• Wall freezing.
• Obstruction of a rainwater drainage system through clogging or interruption in the perimeter drain, silting of the absorbent well.

Looking for more information about damp proofing services? You can find it here.

How long does a basement conversion take?

It’s hard to tell the exact time needed for a basement conversion as there are many factors influencing the work. It is necessary to pay a field visit and to discuss the exact range of work. It is estimated that the time needed for a basement conversion UK is somewhere between 6 – 20 weeks as it obviously depends on the scale, the level of damp, and the condition or the building.

How much does a basement conversion cost?

• The average cost of a basement conversion of an existing basement is between £720 – £1,800 per square metre in the UK.
• A basement conversion requiring lowering the floor level and underpinning an existing basement cost between: £1,400 – £2,100 per square metre in the UK.
Building a completely new basement space and underpinning: £1,920 – £2,640 per square metre.
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