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Home staging

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Trust the specialists and increase the value of your property with us.

We help our clients to highlight the most important interior qualities of the property, which will positively influence the purchasing decision of the potential buyer. You must correctly prepare the property for rent or sell. This process usually involves low-cost activities. We are an experienced renovation company who serves dozens of clients, renting and selling real estate at a profit. We help our customers choose the best way to carry out their renovations, as well as, choosing the optimal finishing materials; such as tiles, flooring, bathroom/kitchen equipment.

How should an apartment be prepared to increase its chances for sale or rent at a low cost?

The first stage is to carry out a thorough cleaning and to organize all things. When selling or renting, accumulating numerous souvenirs or items of equipment shouldn’t take place, everything should be kept to a minimum - the most necessary and tasteful items. The new owner should feel like at home and arrange it in his own way. The next step is to carry out a thorough cleaning and organize all possessions. Renovation and colour neutralization should be your next measure- e.g. red walls should be repainted into a more universal colour e.g. white. It is very important to fix all small home repairs. A leaking tap, broken shower, cracked walls or falling skirting boards can effectively scare away a potential buyer. Most of us don’t want to do these home repairs ourselves. Worth to ensure adequate house lighting. Proper lighting can give the interior a warm, home-like character. The last stage is the addition of appropriate decorative elements, which have a significant impact on the purchase decision of a potential buyer. For more information check our post - How much does house renovation cost?

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