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How much does flat renovation cost?

How much does flat renovation cost?

Published on - September 16, 2019

Flat renovation: how many materials do I have to buy?

Before starting the renovation, carefully write down all materials needed for its proper execution. Accurate dimensioning of the rooms is extremely important so that we can calculate the right amount of materials and do not expose ourselves to additional costs. Plan in order to keep a certain stock of materials, especially when it comes to tiles, terracotta or small building materials such as nails or screws. Usually, you need to buy 10-15% more materials than the quantity resulting from your measurements. Thanks to this, You might avoid unnecessary trips to the stores, which will also drag out the time of your renovation work.

Shopping is worth consulting with a trusted and experienced renovation company.

Thanks to their many years of experience, advice from specialized renovation companies on the selection of the best finishing materials can be priceless. Before making a purchase, we recommend asking sellers about any warranties, complaints and if the option of returning unused goods is considered. If you do not have enough funds to fully cover the costs of an apartment renovation, consider taking out a loan for this purpose. In the case of apartments bought from the primary market, these funds are usually granted together with a mortgage. When planning a home renovation, higher costs should be expected.

Do you want to change the interior design? Is it time to renovate or remodel your home?

We have prepared an example evaluation of a standard renovation of a 50-meter apartment with an average quality finish.

The flat consists of the following rooms:

• kitchen: 10 m2

• bathroom: 7 m2.

• living room: 17 m2

• bedroom: 11 m2

• hall: 5 m2

In the following example, some rooms will only be refreshed, and in others, we will carry out a general renovation. Floors, windows and doors will be replaced with new ones. We will buy new sanitary equipment, appliances for the bathroom and necessary kitchen equipment. The property will be given a modern look and equipped with decent quality gear. The ceilings and walls will be painted.

The following calculations relate to a self-made renovation, they don't include labour costs.

How much does bathroom renovation cost?

Renovation work to be carried out in the 7m2 bathroom is:

  • Painting of the ceiling - 65 F (paint 30F + tools 25F)
  • Forging old tiles on the walls and floor + the lay out of new ones -285F (cost of new tiles 200F, fugue -50F, tile adhesive 25F, grout 20F).
  • The cost of sanitary facilities – 730F - (sink 50 F, shower 210 F, basin faucet 80 F, bathtub 90F, toilet seat 90F, wash machine 210 F)
  • The cost of doors without new frames - 222F

The total renovation of the bathroom was 1302F. We selected materials from the most popular construction stores in Glasgow.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Renovation work to be carried out in a 10 m2 kitchen is:

  • Replacement of windows - 235 F
  • Purchase of doors (without frames) - 120F.
  • Breaking off the old floor and placing the tiles - 230F
  • Painting of the walls and ceiling – 150 F
  • Purchase of new kitchen appliances - induction cooker with an oven: 350 F, fridge: 220 F, microwave: 80F, washing machine: 260 F.

The cost of a basic kitchen renovation: 1645 F.

For more information check FIX LTD - local kitchen installers from Glasgow.

How much does a living room renovation cost?

Renovation work to be carried out in a 17 m2 living room is:

Replacement of windows - installation of a three-leaf window + balcony door: 420 F.

Purchase of doors (without frames)- 150 F.

Breaking off an old floor and laying the panels - 120 F.

Painting of the walls and ceiling - 80 F.

The total cost of renovating the living room was - 770 F.

How much does a bedroom renovation cost?

  • Renovation works in the 11m2 are:
  • Replacement of windows: 260F
  • Breaking off an old floor and laying the panels – 130 F
  • Painting of the walls and ceiling - 80 F

Adding all of the above costs, we will spend - 470F.

How much does a hall renovation cost?

Renovation works in the 5m2 hall are:

  • Replacement of front door - 450 F.
  • Breaking off an old floor and laying the panels - 100 F
  • Painting of the walls and ceiling - 70 F

You will pay about 620F for new doors, floor, and the painting of walls and ceiling.

The estimated cost of materials needed for the renovation of the flat presented was: 4337F

Would like to know more? Get some building advice from FIX LTD from Glasgow.