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Basement conversions

According to individual project, comprehensive, with damp proofing service

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Most of us see our basements as dark, cold and unpleasant, using them primarily for storing our unwanted items and Christmas decorations. However, more people are now recognising this space as having potential for becoming a more useful area. We have performed many basement conversions, successfully converting these forgotten spaces into beautiful utility areas. However, almost every basement requires damp proofing to ensure it lasts. For more information click here.

Increase the value of your property and get additional living space by performing a basement conversion.

Most often, our clients transform their basements into a bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, playroom or bathroom. Additional rooms increase the size, feel and aesthetics of a property, and thus improve its value. Due to significant benefits and relatively low costs, our clients from Glasgow, Edinburgh and their surrounding areas often decide on this type of solution.

How much does basement conversion cost?

We must take into consideration factors such as the amount of work needed to perform, the available space, the characteristics of the building and the ground, as well as the standard of finish. Therefore prices vary and depend on the property. More information: How much does a basement conversion cost?

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