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We have been providing professional building and renovation services for the past 13 years.

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From an early age, the owner of the FIX LTD building and renovation company helped run a family construction company founded by both, his grandfather and father. He inherited his technical skills and talent, which had been passed from generation to generation. To this day, his enthusiasm to exercise technical works has never been lost and had been turned into a real passion. With the later years, he began his career in the construction industry, in which he was climbing his career paths extraordinarily quickly. He started as an assistant at structure sites and ended as a supervisor managing a large group of construction workers at one of the major building and renovation companies in Scotland. Passion and many years of experience contributed to establishing a renovation and construction company that provides its services in Glasgow, Edinburgh and their surroundings.

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Providing building and renovation services are our true passion. We have finalized every small and big project professionally and complexly. Nothing is impossible for us. If You have a progressive project which other companies deny completing, contact us today.


Construction services are provided professionally, comprehensively and reliably. The highest work standards, as well as, the use of the latest techniques are guaranteed. Our renovations and constructions are developed free of any stress for our clienteles. We support the local community. See more, act faster and better.


Become a distinguishable building and renovation company, across the UK. Participate in the realizations of the largest public construction contracts. Set standards for services and work rules in the building industry.

Our values:

We are reliable, honest and professional
We meet the deadlines and needs of our clients
We rely on professionals who have been proven, and with many years of experience
Work hard
We work with passion and commitment
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