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5 Ideas for a basement conversion

5 Ideas for a basement conversion

Published on - December 30, 2020

Basements offer a luxurious possibility to the shortage of building space in the most expensive and desirable country parts. As house costs soar, it regularly bodes well to dig down rather than move. Unlike attic space at the highest point of the house, which imparts itself best to making extra rooms, a cellar is found near the primary living zones and access, and as such, has a more flexible scope of occupation.

Similarly, a basement provides additional space for growing families, including a family room to a spacious kitchen. Its opportunities are endless. Here we are featuring some of its absolute conversions. Furthermore, this conversion could be done in three phases, like renovation of existing cellar or basement, creating a new cellar in a new building, or underneath an existing home or expanding the garden.

Basement conversion into an entertainment place:

From a refined wine basement, the neighbourhood bar to eclectic cocktails, no matter where you are serving, it can be festive and entertaining in your home pub. Similarly, sound systems and televisions keep developing for a more realistic experience so that basement space could be a popular space for media rooms/theatre.

home cinema in the basement, black walls and ceiling
Basement conversion Edinburgh, FIX LTD

Extra bedroom / dirty kitchen / extra bathroom in a basement:

Creating a full bedroom or bedroom alcove in your cellar might be the answer for your infrequent overnight visitors. Meanwhile, for regular parties and entertainment, the second kitchen within the basement can ease serving foodstuff.

Basement conversion into small bathroom
Basement conversion into a small bathroom

Basement conversion into storage or indoor sports room:

Cellars are incredible spots to build in some additional storage room, racking, or cupboards to house and coordinate it all. Secondly, games are fun, so why not make a basement space for foosball, ping pong, pool, or exemplary pinball games to engage children? Add a table and seats for cards and board games. 

Basement conversion into a sport gym, Edinburgh
Basement conversion into a indoor sports room

Basement as a peaceful place for creative people:

Tinkerers and artists of all kinds of value, having a calm space for process works. In this way, basements could be a perfect place for them to concentrate on their thoughts in a peaceful environment. Need a peaceful corner to peruse, craft, or sleep? Nooks are getting famous for individuals who need a little unplugged vacation. In this regard, a basement can play a fantastic role. Despite digital device advancements, book lovers value getting settled with a decent page-turner in their hands. So, for those people, basements are a fantastic setting for bookshelves and comfortable reading niches.

Basement conversion into a peaceful place, Edinburgh
basement conversion into a peaceful place

Basement as a home office / gym:

Home office cellars are providing a pivotal role in having their external entrance and a self-contained unit. One can conduct official meetings in a calm environment. 

One can use its basement space by converting it into a glorious gym as finding time for exercise can be troublesome. By your home gym, you can get rid of your travelling time. Further, a basement can be used as a garage. Alongside the garage being a multipurpose space, its scope is infinite from a laundry room, exercise zone, or a storage house. 

The costs to utilize a basement:

Converting an existing basement into a habitable area by insulating and tanking walls will cost almost £720 to £1,800 per square meter. Creating a new basement within an existing home will cost nearly £1,920 to £2,640 per square meter. The main factors enhancing the cost are the services like planning permission, water issue inspections to remove wall moisture, retrofitting mechanical systems, labour costs, party wall agreements if they are required which are £700 per neighbour and last but not least all of the home and party accessories. For more information check: How much does a basement conversion cost?